(Isaac Mendoza)

Artist, graphic designer, and Discord bot developer with a degraded sense of humor.

Stuff I Do

Photoshop Designing

  • I do these for fun. Sometimes I get paid for it. :))

  • I'm mostly focused on logos, promotion banners, and backgrounds for Discord bots and hosting companies.

  • I do weird Photoshop stuff too. Y'know, "blursed" images. Don't ask, I get bored sometimes.

Digital Art

  • Most of the time, I do digital artworks rather than traditional. It's easier.

  • Types of artworks I make: My art style, anime stuff, manga (The Japanese one), comics (The non-Japanese one), and vector art.

Development & Programming

  • I know a lot of Javascript, specifically in Node.js. I'm kinda fine with Python and HTML/CSS.

  • Mostly lazy when programming websites, prolly why this website's made through Google Sites.

  • I'm also a Discord bot developer, I mostly develop my bots or others' bots in my free time with Node.js (Discord.js) and Python (Py-cord).