Stuff I Work For

Even though I'm only a teen, I already got a lot of jobs. People often get surprised at my age and I'm already working.



This is my workshop, where I try to earn money through my own skills! Basically a commission board with tiers and other stuff.

Sketchful Discord Bot

Developer, Maintainer, Guy Who Doesn't Pay For The Server

Sketchcord is a pictionary Discord bot based on If you have any questions, suggestions or if you want your drawings to be featured then you can join our Discord server at

Beta Tester, Bot Developer is a massively multiplayer free to play pictionary IO game!



A cool Pterodactyl Panel egg which includes many server softwares like: Minecraft Java, Minecraft Bedrock, Discord bots (DiscordPHP, NodeJS, Python), and a lot more.


Community Manager, Designer

TechHost is a free and paid hosting service that does it's best to provide the best hosting experience to it's clients.

Daily Quotes

Support Staff

A simple daily quote Discord bot.

CloudExis LLC


CloudExis has provided the best premium services at a budget price that everyone can afford.



TechBoost is a community for gamers where they can play on our game servers with others! We offer multiple different game servers such as Ark Survival Evolved and Minecraft.

Free hosting that won't let you down!


Designer, VIP

SnailDOS is a free service provider that focuses on privacy. We ensure security, stability and more. With tons of free services we offer, we CANNOT wait for you to start using our services today!